News: Set a dislocated shoulder - U.S. Army style

Set a dislocated shoulder - U.S. Army style

This can be one of the most painful injuries. And the remedy is almost always pure logic.

To avoid permanent zombie posture and pain, man up and shove that sucker back in the socket.

Here's a dose of authentic US military training footage with a real live human example.

Set a dislocated shoulder

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ow that stuff really hurts its no ok here you go it takes ime this has happened to me it hurt ha ha ha

My 9 yr. old thinks the video was kool, he thought he was gonna get surgery. Well here is a recruit for ya, already been a week and a DR. still hasn't seen him, he'll probably wonder how his shoulder came back to normal when he wakes up.

this is probably the most valuable how to I've ever watched. Shall I never have to make use of it.

good video

Meh, i hope i dont get #$%@ed like that.

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