How To: Do a sterile dressing change in nursing

Do a sterile dressing change in nursing

Going to be a nurse? Then here is one thing you should know how to do. Follow along with this nursing how-to video to learn how to do a sterile dressing change. Watch, learn and practice changing a sterile dressing during lab practice. Remember to explain procedures to patient and have all packages open before you begin. In this video the nursing student has been asked to break the sterile technique. Can you identify the breaks?

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Very good demonstration!!!

Nice try, but noticed right off she broke sterility by dropping her hands below her waist. Should have been better prepared, anticipation of what needs to be done and what could potentially happen would have had better outcome. Have trash receptacle right there or bag on bed. Bad technique!. She also broke technique by touching the iodine swab container, although have to give credit for set up, really good idea.

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