How To: Stop severe bleeding [signed] (British Red Cross)

Stop severe bleeding [signed] (British Red Cross)

This video is designed to help deaf people, or those with hearing impairments, learn how to do basic first aid. Specifically, this video deals with sever bleeding and how to stop it, and is taught in sign language.

Everyone gets cut every once in a while, but sometimes those cuts can be more serious than expected. It could turn into severe bleeding, and there's a certain way to deal with this type of bleeding in a victim. How would you treat someone who was bleeding severely?

Your main aim is to stem the flow of blood. If you have disposable gloves available, use them. It is important to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

1. Check whether there is an object embedded in the wound*.
2. If there is nothing embedded, press on the wound with your hand, ideally over a clean pad, and secure with a bandage.
3. If the wound is on an arm or leg raise the injured limb above the level of the heart.

*If you suspect there is something embedded, take care not to press on the object. Instead press firmly on either side of the object and build up padding around it before bandaging to avoid putting pressure on the object itself.

What would you do if someone had a nosebleed?

1. Ensure the person is sitting down. Advise them to tilt their head forwards to allow the blood to drain from the nostrils.
2. Ask the person to pinch the end of their nose and continue to breathe through their mouth.
3. After ten minutes, release the pressure. If the bleeding has not stopped, reapply the pressure for up to two further periods of ten minutes.
4. If bleeding continues, seek medical advice.

The British Red Cross designed these first aid videos to help everyone in being prepared and ready to respond to emergencies that may come their way. First aid is very important in making sure injuries don't become worse than they have to… or even life threatening. Rapid response is the best way to help an accident victim's injury and suffering.

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