How To: Perform a laparoscopic suture in surgery

Perform a laparoscopic suture in surgery

This video is about Laparoscopic Suturing Techniques.The video begins with the narrator saying that the technique is widely used in major abdominal surgeries and mastering of the techniques would give great confidence in the surgical procedures.There are various types of laproscopic needle drivers are available which can be selected according to preference.Different types of 10 millimeter laproscopic ports are available,however the valves used in the ports are important for performing extra cord knotting.The video then explains the techniques for the insertion of the needle into the abdomen.The video then explains the extracorporeal and the intracorporeal knot tying techniques.The first knot is done below the knot pusher and then the knot pusher is pulled to one side to tie the knot.The second knot is done by keeping the needle pusher and the dominant hand parallel and tying the knot.This video is great for mastering the laproscopic procedures.

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