How To: Treat a bullet wound at home

Treat a bullet wound at home

If you've just been shot but can't be bothered with a trip to the hospital you may want to know how to remove a bullet yourself. Learn how to remove the bullet as well as clean and cauterize, and bandage the wound.

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holy sheet, I prefer to die

#$%@ that im going to the hospital

Well frist off what did you do to get shot and as for treating a bullet wound well in the eyes of the law and system you go jail for fixing your own self up not to menshion that helping out the friend as well can make it a problem in itself however if you get shot remember to go after the baster that shot you and make sure they dont get up again simple as that but that the way we live around here have a nice day

"Can't be bothered with a trip to the hospital", I love it

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