How To: Treat burns and scalds (British Red Cross)

Treat burns and scalds (British Red Cross)

No one can escape the wrath of fire. Eery living person will experience some sort of burn during their lifespan, from scalds to third degree burns. Burns and scalds are among the most common injuries requiring emergency treatment in hospitals, but would you know what to do if a friend or family member, maybe even a stranger, burned themselves badly? Could you help?

1. Cool the burn as quickly as possible by placing the affected area under cold running water for at least ten minutes.
2. Cover the injury using a sterile dressing such as a clean non fluffy cloth or kitchen film, and seek medical advice. Dial 999 (or 112) in severe cases.
3. Raise the limb to reduce swelling.

The British Red Cross designed these first aid videos to help everyone in being prepared and ready to respond to emergencies that may come their way. First aid is very important in making sure injuries don't become worse than they have to… or even life threatening. Rapid response is the best way to help an accident victim's injury and suffering.

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