How To: Treat cauliflower ear

Treat cauliflower ear

Check out this instructional first aid video with Kurt Osiander as he demonstrates how to fix cauliflower ear with some alcohol, a swab and a needle. Watch as Tom gets his ear deflated in just a minute or two. This video is perfect for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu performers. Learn how to fix cauliflower ear with this first aid tutorial video!

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Don't do it like this. The person doing the procedure is not wearing gloves, and he is squeezing the ear right on top of the needle which is full of blood. The tip of the needle is millimetres away from his uncovered finger. Sooner or later, doing it this way, will cause you a needlestick injury. Then you will be hoping that the person you got it off, doesn't have HIV/Hepatitis B/C or other blood borne infections. Poor technique.

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