How To: Insert a nasogastric feeding tube

Insert a nasogastric feeding tube

This video demonstrates how to insert an NG tube. An NG tube is a plastic tube inserted to the nose, through the pharynx and into the stomach.

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I've experienced the misery of nasogastric decompression three times to treat a small bowel blockage caused by scar tissue from a partial colectomy. These demos are absurdly unrealistic unless the patients are heavily sedated or inebriated. Insertion is extremely painful no matter how skilled the nurse. Several clinicians have told me that NG insertion is what they dread doing most because they know how horrible it is for the patients. Many patients gag, scream, cry, and have to be restrained during the procedure. It is also painful for as long as the NG tube is in place. All these videos present it as casually as a stroll in the park on a sunny day. While pain threshholds vary among individuals, these demos don't realistically represent what this horror is usually like for either patients or nurses.

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